Culottes are Gaucho pants with better pleating.


Anyone else remember gaucho pants? Your mom probably wore some with knee boots when you were a sweaty preteen and your biggest goal was to build your Soffe short collection. No, Just me? Okay, we can move on now.

Unless you have been under a rock, these infamous pants have been coming back in for a few years now. Buyers can easily purchase them for a mere $15.99 at fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M (like I did). Which essentially means that all the actual fashion people are already sick of them. Did I mention they have a new name? They now go by “culottes”. It sounds super french (it might be), and they remind me of that effortless French-girl vibe that cannot be replicated by anyone other than a French girl. Seriously, go Pinterest “French girl style”. You’ll be drooling. With that being said, these pants actually have more meaning to me other than just being some wide-legged, PJ-esque trousers.


They are the first pair of pants that I bought that were not skinny jeans. I realize this doesn’t sound like a profound moment in life, but I can assure you, it was. The first time I noticed this silhouette coming back was in  2014. I remember thinking, “those are so cool!”, and then immediately thought, “I can’t wear wide-legged pants. They will make me look bigger!” So then I put back on my skinny jeans and went on my way.

These culotte pants plagued me, guys. I thought about how cool it would be to wear them more than I would care to admit. I just could not shake my body issues and get over it. This year, (3 years post-obsession) I made myself buy some cheap culottes off of Zara. I had the full intention of having to send them back, but I would at least hope for them to fit. I finally received them in the mail and promptly tried them on. I was totally taken aback by how comfortable they were. I was in love. I slowly walked to the mirror to see them on, still prepping myself for the worst.

They fit me, and they looked great.  I made myself wait three years for these pants because I didn’t think my body would work in them. How stupid is that?

Colleen Merchant Photography

Moral of the story; Wear whatever you want and be happy. Don’t put yourself in a box that was created by someone else because of your size, financial status, career, or whatever else. Wear the bathing suit, wear the bright yellow fur coat, wear the grandpa cardigan, and wear the freaking culottes because you love them.

Build your own damn box.



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