Neutrals, A Love Affair.

Colleen Merchant Photography
Colleen Merchant Photography
Colleen Merchant Photography
Colleen Merchant Photography

If you walked into my closet right now, (past the Legos Lincoln likes to hide in there) you would see an abundance of black, white, and tan. Neutrals are clean, mixable, and staples in my closet. So when I found this tan + white dress from Roolee, I was sold. I convinced myself I needed it because these stripes were vertical, which would be a great change of pace from all the horizontal stripes in my closet. (I have an addiction.)  The bag is H&M, the shoes are Target, and don’t tell anyone, but I found those sunglasses on a glacier in Iceland.

My adoration towards neutrals has trickled down into my son’s wardrobe. I believe in putting Lincoln in simple clothing that doesn’t take away from his sweet face. I also think a little boy in baseball shirt is one of the cutest things ever. I got the one he’s wearing at Old Navy for $8! His harem pants are Zara and his  bib is from Amazon. These bibs are in my top baby items that  I think every parent should have. They are super adorable and functional, and have you seen how much babies drool the first year? It’s crazy.

Are you a neutral lover or do you enjoy color? What is your favorite children’s clothing brand? I want to know!






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