Onward To 2018

New Year’s Eve is one of my absolute favorite holidays. I enjoy the looking back and looking forward to what is coming. This new year starts on a Monday too! So fresh and tidy, I love it! Every December 31st I write down my goals for the upcoming year. There are a lot of studies that show writing big and small goals down actually help you succeed more. I am a total believer. You should give it a try! Here are my big and small goals for 2018.


  • Get a 4.0. As many of you know, I’m headed back to school in January and want to do well. I’ll write more on my decision to return to school soon.


  • Buy a house. I can’t believe this is finally happening! We are moving back to OKC for Andrew’s job transfer. This will be our 5th move since we got married, and we will be staying in this next house for a LONG time. We are so excited


  • Paint something pink in new home. A wall, door, floor, or cabinets?! The possibilities are literally endless.


  • Run a half marathon. I will cross this one off the list in April when I run in the memorial half!


  • Blog regularly with GOOD content. I am my best self when I have a creative outlet. It truly helps my anxiety and makes me happy. I have enjoyed doing the small amount of blogging I’ve done so far, and I would love to create my own content. I just need to find a good photographer that would love to help. (photos are my biggest problem right now.)


  • Get out of my house more. I naturally am a homebody and I’ve come to accept it. I would like to get out my comfort zone and make new friends though.


  • Go to Colorado. I miss the mountains.


  • Plant a vegetable garden. Because homegrown tomatoes with feta on top, that’s why.


  • Love Andrew and Lincoln better. If all I accomplish off this list is this, I’ll still be successful.


I will come back to this post a few times over the next year to keep you all updated. I cannot wait for what 2018 holds. I want to know your goals and any tips you have on reaching them. Comment with your top three goals for 2018! (Don’t say weight loss, there are way more important things to accomplish. :))


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